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Preparing to switch to latest WRF v4.2.2

Monday, March 8

Click on any region's map below to access forecast products.
On the page you receive, click on the greater-than symbol > to step forward on 2 (or more)-panel displays.
Chicago: 1.5-km, 42 hr Illinois: 4.5-km, 51 hr Plains/Midwest: 10-km,
7 - D A Y   W R F   R U N   -   S U M M A R Y   ( M A X )   F I G U R E S
(Max 7-day) Reflectivity
Surface Wind
CAPE (instability)
EHI (cape & shear)
Vorticity (sfc rotation)
Hourly maximum values are accumulated for full 7-day forecast.

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W R F   E N S E M B L E   P L O T S
WRF Ensemble Forecast members                 Valid time >   Field >                                                                

WRF • NAM/a     00z, 54 hr

WRF • SREF/a     09z, 45 hr

WRF • NAM/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • RAP/a     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/a     00z, 168 hr

WRF • SREF/b     09z, 45 hr

WRF • NAM/c     12z, 42 hr

WRF • RAP/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/c     12z, 42 hr

Project lead: Dr. Brian Jewett, U.I. Atmospheric Sciences   •   A raw list of Univ. Illinois forecasts in support of IMPACTS is available here.