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UI Atmospheric Sciences

Daily real-time forecasts at the University of Illinois Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  1. Chicago: 1.5-km grid spacing over northeast IL
  2. Illinois: 3-km grid spacing over Illinois and nearby states (temporarily suspended)
  3. Long-range: 10-km forecast out to 7 days for the N. Plains / Midwest
  4. Ensemble: 9-km ensembles with varied IC/BC data and physics
All utilize 60 vertical levels (59 layers). Cycle times vary. Project lead: Dr. Brian Jewett, U.I. Atmospheric Sciences.
IMPACTS - a raw list of UIUC forecasts in support of IMPACTS is available here.

Wed Apr 8

0504: 7day: 00z cycle, 1 grid, Phys 232/3/4, at 168/168 hours = 100% = 04-15 00:00:00 >> WRF Finished
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Chicago: 1.5-km, 48 hr Long-range: 10-km, 168 hr