Real-Time Ensemble Forecasting at the University of Illinois

Routine forecasts are (still) discontinued while fixes/upgrades/changes are made

Tue. Jan. 6: WRF run from 06z GFS, at right
yesterday's WRF total precip forecasts: NAM 12z // 18z; GFS 18z

Status update 1/3/2015 -
Web interface changes look more extensive than earlier thought. I'll restart a limited set of simulations/plots while work continues on the web pages - Brian.

+ 1) transfer data from old machine (done)
+ 2) replace system+data hard disk (done)
+ 3) add memory for speed + ramdisk (done)
+ 4) build & benchmark WRF 3.6.1 (done)

- 5) testing RAP, SREF, CMCE, GEFS, NAEFS ingest (started)
- 6) implement/expand post-processing (not started yet)
- 7) implement fast-start & restart (initial tests done)
- 8) restart ensemble runs (soon)
- 9) revise & expand web interface (ongoing)

Please bookmark this backup web server.
06z Jan. 6: WRF/GFS to 186h (less-worse Thurs am temps below)

Yesterday's progs. Total 10-km WRF precip forecasts from yesterday: WRF/NAM 12z // 18z; WRF/GFS 18z.   Still looking for obs ... here is a WSI snow chart.
18z Jan. 5 WRF/NAM to 84h
06z Jan. 5 WRF/GFS to 186h
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