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Forecasts OK, but broke the web pages. Working on it.

Saturday, June 12

Click on any region's map below to access forecast products.
On the page you receive, click on the greater-than symbol > to step forward on 2 (or more)-panel displays.
Chicago: 1.5-km, 42 hr Illinois: 4.5-km, 51 hr Plains/Midwest: 10-km, 168 hr
7 - D A Y   W R F   F O R E C A S T   -   S U M M A R Y   ( M A X )   F I G U R E
(Max 7-day) Reflectivity
Surface Wind Speed
CAPE (instability)
EHI (cape * wind shear)
Vorticity (sfc rotation)
Hourly maximum values are accumulated for full 7-day forecast.

Click for full-sized image.

W R F   E N S E M B L E   P L O T S
WRF Ensemble Forecast members                 Image size>                 Valid time >   Field >                                                                

WRF • NAM/a     00z, 54 hr

WRF • SREF/a     09z, 45 hr

WRF • NAM/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • RAP/a     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/a     00z, 168 hr

WRF • SREF/b     09z, 45 hr

WRF • NAM/c     12z, 42 hr

WRF • RAP/b     12z, 42 hr

WRF • GFS/c     12z, 42 hr

Project lead: Dr. Brian Jewett, U.I. Atmospheric Sciences   •   A raw list of Univ. Illinois forecasts in support of IMPACTS is available here.