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UI Atmospheric Sciences

Routine forecasts at the University of Illinois Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Thu Dec 7

Click on any region's map below to access forecast products
9-km Plains/Midwest, 72-hr 9-km Plains/Midwest, 72-hr 20-km CONUS, 144-hr (6-day)
00z 21-hour forecast from 00z WRFn/NAM
WRFn (nam)
21-hour forecast from 00z WRFg/GFS
WRFg (gfs)
CONUS run only at 18z.
12z 9-hour forecast from 12z WRFo/NAM
WRFo (nam)
9-hour forecast from 12z WRFh/GFS
WRFh (gfs)
27-hour forecast from 18z CONUS
CONUS/WRFc (gfs)

Status/progress information

Ingest: NAM 9:17 AM - 12z ingest is complete. GFS10:23 AM - 12z ingest is complete.
WRF: WRF12n10:42 PM - Run/plots complete. WRF12g12:01 AM - Run/plots complete.
WRF12o10:40 AM - Run/plots complete. WRF12h12:00 PM - Run/plots complete.
CONUS run only at 18z, for now >> CONUS 8:04 PM - Run/plots complete.

Project lead: Dr. Brian Jewett, U.I. Atmospheric Sciences.