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06z WRF/GFS is operational, but will be reconfigured to finish sooner to allow earlier run suite to complete. Other runs are not yet operational.
  • Testing concurrent WRF forecasts (partly done)
  • Testing multi-physics runs (partly done)
  • Building WRF 3.7.1 and WPS 3.7.1 (done)

Thu May 5

Wed, Dec. 23

2-km WRF, from 18z RAP WRF 10-km, from 12z/23 NAM WRF 2-km, from 12z/23 NAM WRF 10-km, from 06z/23 NAM
18z 2-km WRF
141.6 physics, 12z init:
222.6 physics, 12z init:
12z hourly 2-km WRF, 5-min viewer here --
141.6 physics:
222.6 physics:
777.6 physics:

Tue, Dec. 22

WRF 10-km run, from 06z/22 GFS initialization.